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Intern Program

Would you like to spend twelve weeks in a life-changing mission trip to our nation’s campuses?


Tom Short Campus Ministries is looking for people willing to spend a semester working hard in the gospel, serving wherever needed and helping grow the kingdom of God. You will be “Traveling with Tom” to about a dozen campuses, helping him as he takes the gospel to university students throughout the United States. A typical day will include prayer, informal time with Tom, evangelism on campus and fellowship with students and families in our host cities.


This is an opportunity for you to join with Tom on the frontlines in intense, focused making of disciples. You will hear lots of the Word being preached and will have ample opportunity to share your faith with others (and then, to debrief with Tom on what you learned).


Who is this program for?
  • Anyone who is serious about becoming a more dedicated and fruitful disciple of Jesus Christ.

  • Past interns have included recent high school graduates taking a “gap year” before heading to college. 

  • They have also included people who have left a good job in a well-established career.

  • We’ve had 18-year olds and people in their 40’s. 

  • The one thing they all have in common is a sincere desire to grow in the Lord and be used in His service.

  • Note: If you are considering the possibility of full-time Christian service, this is an excellent opportunity to get a jump start on that path.

Why would you want to do this?
  • You will have the opportunity to learn from Tom on a day-to-day basis

  • You will experience first hand what students on campus are thinking and saying about our faith

  • You will see what God is doing on campuses across America

  • You will develop new friendships with others who are serving Christ

  • You will invite God to stoke within you a desire to reach the lost

  • You will receive practical training in evangelism

  • You will work hard each day doing something that really matters

  • You will overcome your fears and learn to boldly share your faith

  • You will store up treasures in heaven!


What will we expect from you?
  • You will have a teachable heart and spirit

  • You will behave honorably as a good witness for Christ and representative of TSCM

  • You will take the initiative to cheerfully serve

  • You will be appreciative of those who open their homes for us to stay in


What requirements must I meet to be considered for this?

Our primary concern is that you bring a good attitude. We’ll check with your parents or pastor (or both) to confirm that you have what we are looking for.


Is this only for guys?

This program is open to both young men and young ladies. Ideally, we will have several of each.


How much does it cost?

The cost of the program is $2800 per semester. This amount covers all travel, food, housing and materials we will be studying together. Most people raise these funds through donations to TSCM from friends, relatives, church members, etc. TSCM will help guide you in the fundraising process.


Where will we stay?

When in Columbus, we will be staying with other interns near the OSU campus. When on the road, we almost always stay in the homes or dorm rooms of people from the host church.



Ready to join the adventure?

Still not ready? Have questions?

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