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$10 a month

For the price of a Chipotle meal, you can send Tom and his team across the nation to America's campuses, reaching thousands of students with the gospel.
What your gift provides:

Our team travels over 10,000 miles each semester. Your donation covers gasoline and the cost and maintainence of the van


Each year we modify our banners with new themes and replacing worn out banners. Your donation helps our outreach stay current.


Our table holds several books as well as informative pamphlets. Your donation helps get good content in students' hands.

In appreciation:
Focus Group

Join a conference call with Tom and other Student Club members to discuss ideas of how to reach your campus.


Tom and his team commits to regularly praying for those who are committed to sending him.

Surprise Perks!

Other perks include special timely gifts, meals with Tom and the interns, and specific communication for students.

Get started today!
Start now with a $10 monthly donation
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